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How to Stay Motivated for Bodybuilding

Learning how to stay motivated is part of the self-discovery involved in bodybuilding. From the first time we picked up a weight and did repetitions to find out how strong we were, an education was started where we start to learn about our own limitations and how to change them.

Bodybuilding is about getting stronger, as strong muscles are big muscles and the motivation to continue breaking through new barriers is part of the motivation in bodybuilding. It is driven by the will to learn about the constant changing circumstances that you put your body through.

A bodybuilder is someone who is able to learn from his/her mistakes and to learn what exercises work better than others and what carbs work best with what proteins when we plan our meals. It is motivated by the objective of being stronger tomorrow than we were today.

Bodybuilding is not for the feint-hearted and belongs to the few who are willing to go beyond the point of failure when training. The motivation of any bodybuilder is tested to the limits when they reach a training plateau that they cannot get stronger no matter what different mix of exercises or food combinations they try.

The ability to learn from other peopleís mistakes is often the key to any personís success but with bodybuilding it seems that the only way to know what really works for you is to try it. The successful bodybuilders on the competitive circuit are those bodybuilders who have developed a system that works.

A system where they know what food combinations and what exercise cycling of routines is able to allow him/her to continue building muscle year after year. The motivation of a bodybuilder is a lot more than the nassisistic accusations that they often receive from the public.

A bodybuilder is motivated by his/her desire to improve on himself /herself, like a pro golfer who wants to card 63 for 18 holes on some specific golf-course. It is what motivates all sports-people to be better than they can be and to do the best they can. The motivation comes from deep down within, all to be a little bit better tomorrow than we were today.

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