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How to Get a Ripped Body

The word ripped is often misused, as its real meaning is something that is far from the usual lean look. Ripped is way past just lean, it means muscle striations, muscle vascularity and drum-tight skin often called 'cuts'. The definition of ripped also includes the '6-pack' of abs seen on competitive bodybuilders.

Official statistics from 2010 tell us that 68% of all Americans are overweight with 30% of that population being obese. Unfortunately the problem is getting worse and the new opening of Pizza Hut in China where there was a line around the block for two days is a good example.

Losing fat is not easy at any stage of muscle development but there is a big difference between getting leaner and showing more separation in your muscles than getting ripped. They are worlds apart and should not be confused as the adding of muscle to a lean frame is more difficult than adding muscle to a normal body.

The point is that it is easier for an overweight person to get into a calorie deficit than it is for a lean person with a low body-fat. The first ten pounds of body-fat are easier to lose than the last ten pounds of fat. It is the same with adding muscle as after you have been training with weights for more than a year you will see that you don't gain as much muscle as you used to in your first year.

To get ripped you need to take your eating plan to the next level and that means planning ahead. This comes from planning all the 6 meals you are going to be having during your day before you leave home. It is with the assumption that your training when correctly done will be able to give you the 'after-burn' effect and speed up metabolism and fat loss.

Eating foods like whole oatmeal, chicken breasts and egg whites is something that is going to need a change in lifestyle if you really want to get ripped to shreds and show striations in your muscles. Brown rice, fish oil and asparagus, almonds and garlic are all going to become a stable in your diet if you really want results.

The secret is to eat negative calorie foods, which means foods that will use more energy to get digested than they have in them like apples and tomatoes. There are many different kinds of negative calorie foods available but you need to always be weary of your preparation of these foods and no frying.

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