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Best Fruits and Vegetables for Bodybuilding

Fruits and vegetables are required with any well-balanced bodybuilding diet. The vegetables that you eat every day play a huge benefit as they are packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals that are vitally important to help repair the muscles after a hard workout.

One of the many registered dieticians out there for bodybuilders is Matthew Kadey with Muscle and Fitness who says that taking in a regular about of good quality veggies and fruits twice a day will help speed up recovery and fight off illness. All vegetables are the back-bone of any good bodybuilding diet.

There is a 7 time Mr. Iron Man winner called Dave Scott who is still a committed vegetarian that proves strength can be gained from eating vegetables only. Vegetables are the original multivitamin as they all contain a large variety of antioxidants and the required phytochemicals needed for muscle repair.

Also packed with huge carbohydrate value are vegetables like sweet potatoes or brussel sprouts. The variety of B vitamins found in all green leafy vegetables is what is responsible for the body being able to convert all the foods that we eat into a usable energy.

A healthy apple as part of one of your snacks during the day makes for a decrease in any free radical form of inflammation or any form of oxidative stress that you might be under. The fruits and vegetables in any good bodybuilding diet helps to repair the constant cell damage that occurs from hard training.

It is a combination of vegetables like Kale, Yams and Beets which will provide you with enough ant-oxidants to ensure full muscle recovery from hard training. If you are thinking about simply taking antioxidant capsules and eating bread you should know that there are hundreds of different antioxidants found in vegetables that science still cannot copy and put into a capsule.

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