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Bodybuilding Fat Loss Tips

Today we seem to have forgotten most of the precious fat-loss tips that we all knew worked so well in the good old days. It seems that there is always another gadget that does all the work for you and that will help you to lose ten pounds in the first week. There are also new fancy meal replacements and pre and post-workout shakes that we should have to lose fat.

We all know that training using the HIIT principal is going to help us lose fat fast, however there are many people who could gain a lot of fat loss if they just re-opened the good old fat-loss tips when this whole fitness boom started. Doing cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is a good example.

The proven theory that started over 40 years ago that when your muscle glycogen stores are at their lowest in the morning after not eating for 8 hours, you will only use energy that comes from fat when training before you eat. This is something that many professional bodybuilders still do on a regular basis when ripping up for a competition.

Another old fat-loss tip is to never eat carbohydrates after 6pm as it will not be used for energy and be stored as fat. 40 years ago bodybuilders used this type of meal planning in the competitive season to ensure that the complex carbs they eat after the last workout for the day is enough to replenish the depleted muscle glycogen and no more.

Eating a lot of carbohydrate after 6pm creates an unnecessary production of insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is a strong anabolic hormone that is responsible for fat storage amongst other things. If you eat a pizza with 400 grams of carbohydrates in it and your body only needs 300 grams to replace the muscle glycogen that you lost in your workout then you will have extra carbs floating around.

The insulin can see this excess carbohydrate and immediately stores in to the fat cells where you are adding extra fat to your body without using it. The extra 100 carbs that you get into your system is not needed and is stored for use later. By simply stopping the consumption of carbohydrates after 6pm you will potentially lose 20% of your body-fat very quickly.

The last and probably the most important old fat-loss tip is to use weight training as your main source of losing fat. This has now been conclusively proven in many different studies that the 'after-burn' effect of training HIIT with weights will last up to 72 hours which is a lot better than what you will get from jogging for an hour.

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