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Fat Burning Workouts

It will depend on what your specific objective is when training as there is a difference between only working out to lose fat and working out to increase muscle size or not lose any muscle size while you lose fat. If your specific objective is to only lose fat then you do not need a lot of resistance and it can easily be done at home.

There is no doubt that research shows that the fastest way to burn fat is to switch your normal training to high intensity circuit training. This means that you will be doing a movement like squats or burpees for 30 seconds or 45 seconds depending how fit you are. You would then switch to another movement like press-ups for the next 30 seconds.

With more than 50% of your muscle mass in your lower body one needs to do movements like jumping rope, treadmill or stationary bike. The less rest time between sets the more intense your workout will be. The benefit of this type of high intensity training will increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and burn more calories than normal over the 72 hours after your workout.

If you use resistance training you will be able to speed up fat loss even more because any added muscle that you get from your training will use more than double the amount of calories needed each day, compared to what fat needs to sustain itself. However if you use weight training to lose fat you need to leave your ego at the door.

What this means is that when training with weights specifically to lose fat you need to make sure that you are training the weight and not trying to impress yourself with your new found strength. It means that when working on a high intensity weight training routine for fat-loss you need to only start reaching the point of failure after training hard and fast for 30 seconds on the last set.

This makes for a very taxing workout as you realize the less rest between sets the lighter the weight gets. You will notice that when you return to your normal bodybuilding routine you will gain more muscle a lot quicker than you did previously. It is good to plan ahead so that you are always mixing up the routine that you do, so that every week you either add or change a movement that you are doing. This will not only ensure that you continue to add muscle to your frame but will also help you a lot to continue to lose fat and ultimately speed up your metabolism.

When science proved that HIIT training was the most effective way to lose fat it started to make sense what the top professional bodybuilders had been saying for decades which was super-sets and giant-sets. The addition of including some cardio like a treadmill or a stationary bike in the super-set was never thought of as beneficial at the time.

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