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Police Officer Exercise Program

A police officer is a career that requires the officer to be ready for action all year round. He or she needs to make sure that they are not only able to lift someone up when required but that they are aerobically fit as well. The dynamic and constantly changing requirements of a police officer require constant maintenance.

The exercises that should be done would need to be specific so that core strength and general fitness is achieved as quickly as possible. Research shows that the best way to do this is to do the following movements on a regular basis. The first of these is dead-lifts which not only improve co-ordination and core strength but also improve grip strength.

The second move is pull-ups which is something that every cop will have to do at some time and that is to pull themselves over a fence or pull someone out of a car etc. Police academies mostly concentrate on the academic part of becoming a cop and not the physical part which seems a bit absurd considering the job requirements when working on the street.

The last requirement for an officer of the law would be the ability to hold strength for more than just a few minutes. It is the development of this endurance strength which is often trained for at any good police academy. Learning defence tactics (DT) a cop in training often needs to practice these moves thousands of time before it becomes reflex.

This endurance strength can be improved by sprinting up a hill and then to have the law officer subdue some pretend suspect who is at the top of the hill waiting. It is practices like this which are done at a police academy. This is obviously not the only way that strength endurance can be achieved but it is the most practical method of achieving endurance strength for a cop.

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